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As well as specialising in road transport training, FBG Training also provide GSCE, A-Level and Computer Science Tutoring.

We offer the following tutoring services: -

  • GCSE Tutoring - Computer Science
  • A-Level Tutoring - Computer Science
  • IGCSE Computer Science
  • Cambridge International A level
  • BCS Level 2 Robotics

Tutoring sessions can be held as 1:1 sessions or group sessions.


about our tutoring services

Founded in 2022 by Claire Gryspeerdt, FBG Training Tuition has focused on access to education for all. Initially created for FORS Driver Training, FBG Training has expanded to supporting students of Primary and Secondary age in Computer Science through private tuition and online distance learning.
Private tuition is at the foundation of everything that I do, I am a specialists in this subject area. I firmly believe in supporting students to become independent learners – if your child no longer needs our help at the end of tuition, then we’ve done our job well!

Our Online Distance Learning Courses are accessed by students looking for additional group tuition or a fully taught course in an alternative environment to school. Our courses make the best of both recorded content and live online lessons with a subject specialist to help our learners make progress and develop independent learning skills whilst having individual feedback and support of a tutor.


We expect students to:

• Test your equipment before the start of your lesson (for online).
• Run an internet speed check using this as a minimum:
• Download >10Mbps
• Upload > 2Mbps
• Jitter <30ms
• Test that your headset earphones & microphone are working.
• Log in at the start of your lesson. If you arrive late to your lesson, the time will not be extended past the scheduled end time as this impacts on the students that follow you.
• Attend online tuition from an open room such as a living or dining room for the purposes of safeguarding
• Ensure that you are dressed as you would be for in-person tuition – we don’t expect you to be smart, but appropriately dressed!
• Come to your lesson with the necessary equipment (as a minimum, students should have a pen, paper, and calculator).
• Keep distractions to a minimum by muting mobile phones, switching off social media.

As a student / parent, you can expect us to:

• Arrive to lessons on time unless in exceptional circumstances
• Provide a lesson ‘waiting room’ to ensure that only the expected participants join a digital classroom.
• Offer positive support and encourage you to be an independent learner through 1-2-1 work and resources.
• Work with you as an individual, but not complete work for you.
• Keep distractions to a minimum by muting mobile phones, switching off social media.
• Provide feedback to you within the lesson and in writing through your online feedback page on a regular basis.

Important notes about our professional responsibilities:

• Under no circumstances will tutors complete homework / NEA work for you.
• Tutors will not enter into negative conversations about teachers. We request that any concerns are raised directly with the school.
• Where there is a genuine suspicion of academic dishonestly, work will not be authenticated and this will be reported to the relevant bodies
• Where grades are assessed by tutors on behalf of an assessment/exam centre as part of the 2021 examination series, under no circumstances will the awarded grade be disclosed to the student or parent

term dates - 2022/23

Term 1 | 5th September 2022 - 21st October 2022
Term 2 | 31st October 2022 - 16th December 2022
Term 3 |  4th January 2023 - 10th February 2023
Term 4 | 20th February 2023 - 31st March 2023
Term 5 | 17th April 2023 - 26th May 2023
Term 6 | 5th June 2023 - 21st July 2023



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